Garden shredder GSE 242 Combi

The GSE 242 Combi with eletcric drive has an upper, rotating, discharge chute with adjustable ejector flap to direct compost material straight into a collection bin or even shred and pile in the desired set up location saving laborious shovelling, piling, and disposal. A great way to eliminate waste disposal and recycle all your organic garden debris!

Category: SKU: 94554

Additional information


Electric, 400 V, 32 A EC plug

Rated power

9,0 kW P1

Drum width

240 mm


440 mm

Drum speed

2400 rpm

Branch Ø

max. 100 mm

Motor speed

2850 rpm


34 pieces

Dimensions (W x H x L)

1650 x 1610 x 1700 mm


288 kg (635 lb)


  • upper and under discharge chute
  • Chute can be rotated 200 °
  • large funnel for throwing shrubbery, bark, leaves and plant remains
  • Shreds branches and waste up to Ø 100 mm (3.9 in)
  • Durable rotor with built-in lateral disc blade
  • Equipped with swinging cutting hammers out of special hardened steel
  • User-friendly operation system