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Cross-cut saw KS 700 E

This SÜMA BGU-Maschinen cross-cutting saw merges top operation comfort and user-friendly handling. Equipped with a 400 V energy-saving motor with thermal overload protection, the KS 700 E is ideal for fast sawing with slight strain.

Cross-cut saw KS 700 Z

The KS 700 attaches directly to your tractor hydraulics. The saw blade is powered by the tractor hydraulics via PTO shaft and shaft-mounted gear pump (built-in hydraulics). The ideal cutting performance is already available when the PTO shaft rotates at 300 rpm.

Log cutting saws with tilt-table WK 700 Z Classic

The model WK 700 Z Classic is a popular PTO circular saw. It attachs to the three-point linkage of any tractor for convenient use in the woods or in your yard as you may need from time to time.


Log cutting saws with tilt-table WK 780 RB/2

A very representative model is the WK 780 RB/2 powered by a gasoline engine, and therefore best recommended for outdoor applications where no other power source is available. Logs are loaded and fed to the blade on a tilt-carriage designed with a suitable slope to provide a firm log support and meanwhile muscle the log effortless to the blade. The roller table with the timber trunk on it is muscled to the blade with a relatively small effort.

Log cutting saws with tilt-table WK 780/2

The log cutting saws of this series are the basic models of the upscale SÜMA BGU-Maschinen log cutting saws with tilt-table generation. The robust steel construction is stable in terms of value and has a long service life.

Log cutting saws with tilt-table WK 790 R/2

The professional model WK 790 R / 2 is characterized by robust reliability and high performance. With the use of the large widia blades with a diameter of 750 mm, a cutting depth of 300 mm is achieved.

Roll-bench circular saw RK 775/2

The roll-bench circular saw with 400 V electric drive has a robust angle-bar stand ensures safe and firm standing during cutting operations and is perfectly supported by double-sided mounted saw shafts in the cutting guide.

Saw Processor PC 704 EZ/4

The combined version PC 704 EZ / 4 with electric motor drive and PTO drive can be operated both mobile, by connection to the tractor’s three-point hydraulics, as well as stationary.

Saw Processor PC 704 Z/4

The Profi Cut 704 Z / 4 is a professional firewood circular saw, including a telescopic conveyor belt of 4.3 m length, which is used in the production of large quantities of firewood.