Cross-cut saw KS 700 Z

The KS 700 attaches directly to your tractor hydraulics. The saw blade is powered by the tractor hydraulics via PTO shaft and shaft-mounted gear pump (built-in hydraulics). The ideal cutting performance is already available when the PTO shaft rotates at 300 rpm.

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Additional information


PTO shaft

Rated power

Approx. tractor power 15 kW / 20 PS

Pump capacity

approx. 20 l/min (4.4 gal/min)

Saw blade speed

1500 rpm

Cutting capacity (log Ø)

approx. 250 mm (9.8 in)

Blade diameter Ø

700/30 mm (27.5/1.2 in)

Dimensions (W x H x L)

1170 x 1400 x 1080 mm


250 kg (551 lb)


  • Equipped with standard Widia saw blade, and log retainer.
  • All 700 models are equipped with standard graduated ruler (to control the log length), and outlet conveyor included in price.
  • An infeed roller table can be attached to the machine on request