Saw Processor PC 704 Z/4

The Profi Cut 704 Z / 4 is a professional firewood circular saw, including a telescopic conveyor belt of 4.3 m length, which is used in the production of large quantities of firewood.
Category: SKU: 90045

Additional information


PTO shaft

Rated power

Tractor power requirement: 20 kW / 27 PS

PTO shaft speed

max. 540 rpm


3–4 cord/h

Timber diameter max.

270 mm

Timber diameter min.

80 mm

Blade diameter Ø

700/30 mm (27.5/1.2 in)

Log length

adjustable: 200–500 mm

Length of the conveyor

4300 mm

Elevation of the log conveyor

max. 3000 mm

Width of the conveyor belt

250 mm

Transport dimensions (W x L x H)

1700 x 1200 x 2400 mm


560 kg (1234 lb)


  • 3-4 cords per hour
  • One-man operation only
  • Adjustable log length from 250-500 mm (9.8-19.7 in)
  • High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating
  • Cradle-shaped log carriage on sliding rails and ball bearings for effortless advancing of the log to the blade
  • Drive shaft available on request for an extra price
  • Now available with a new optimized hopper