Log cutting saws with tilt-table WK 780 RB/2

A very representative model is the WK 780 RB/2 powered by a gasoline engine, and therefore best recommended for outdoor applications where no other power source is available. Logs are loaded and fed to the blade on a tilt-carriage designed with a suitable slope to provide a firm log support and meanwhile muscle the log effortless to the blade. The roller table with the timber trunk on it is muscled to the blade with a relatively small effort.

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Rated power

6,6 kW / 9,0 PS

Tank capacity

5.3 l (1.16 gal)

Saw blade speed

1480 rpm

Cutting capacity (log Ø)

260 mm (10.2 in)

Blade diameter Ø

700/30 mm (27.5/1.2 in)


135 kg (297.6 lb)


  • Fully welded, rugged chassis
  • User friendly, vibration less tilt-bench of steel plate
  • Equipped with standard cut length stop, wheel arrangement and handling grip
  • Log retainer available extra on request
  • V-belt drive
  • High quality paint, powder coating, scratch-proof and weather resistant
  • Standard widia blade
  • Self-propelled. No need for external power supply