Saw & Splitter Combination SSM 270 EZ

With a combined PTO and electric drive, the SSM 270 EZ is versatile useable.

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Combination power with PTO shaft and electric motor 400 V, 16 A EC-plug

Rated power

Approx. tractor power 12 kW / 16 PS, Electric Motor: 9,2 kW P1 S6 40 % ED

PTO shaft speed

420 rpm

Cutting capacity (log Ø)

approx. 270 mm

Log length

Adjustable: 250–500 mm

Blade diameter Ø

700/30 mm (27.5/1.2 in)

Dimensions (W x H x L)

4100 x 1320 x 1350 mm


670 kg (1477.1 lb)


  • Three-point linkage included
  • Inbuilt hydraulic system for power drive through a PTO shaft
  • Extensible infeed rollers providing additional support for long timber (up to 3.0 m = 9.8 ft)
  • Three-point hitch and PTO shaft on the back side of the machine
  • Simple and easy to handle on a fork lift
  • Two-stage differential valve for increased ram forward speed splitting cycles,
  • Equipped with outlet conveyor (reaching up to 1.25 m (4.1 ft) high and discharge into a pallet underneath). The conveyor folds up for transportation.