Vertical Log Splitter HS 61/3 Tornado

An extra large hydraulic pump and a powerful 4 kW electric motor bring extra quick cutting cycles and real time savings.

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Electric, 400 V, 16 A EC plug

Rated power

4,0 kW P1

Splitting power

6 t

Splitting stroke length

500 mm

Log length

max. 550 mm


5,5/550 s/mm

Return speed

2,0 s / 550 mm

Height w. retracted cylinder (down)

1100 mm

Height with uplifted cylinder

1600 mm

Dimensions (W x L)

600 x 1000 mm



  • according to the European safety standard EN 609-1
  • Rugged, easy-to-use and maintenance-less
  • Effortless, user-friendly operation
  • Two-hands control
  • Inbuilt two-speed system (fast return stroke)
  • High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating
  • Motor safety switch and phase changer included in price (for 400 V models)
  • Standard wheel arrangement included