Metal band grinder MBS 1501

The MBS 1501 has a grinding band width of 150 mm. A large contact disc with a diameter of 250 mm and the powerful motor create the conditions for superior grinding performance.

Category: SKU: 90560

Additional information


Electric, 400 V, 16 A EC plug

Rated power

4,0 kW P2

Band size

150 x 2000 mm

Contact wheel

250 x 150 mm

Band speed

37 m/s

Horizontal work table

150 mm continuous


114 kg (251.3 lb)


  • Quick changing and setting from horizontal to angled belt position
  • Vibration free, smooth running
  • Solid work table for end-feed grinding
  • Belt speed of 37 m/s (122 ft/sec) ensuring a very efficient performance and excellent finish.
  • Efficient material removal for more production economies
  • 250 mm (10 in) large contact wheel
  • Dust and chips outlet to collector box
  • Dust disposal in a special metal box collector