Horizontal Wood Splitter SP 30 HEH/S

The horizontal splitter SP 30 HEH / S is operated with a 400 V electric drive and has a splitting power of 30 tons.
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Electric 400 V, 32 A EC plug, Delta-Star switch

Rated power

7,5 kW P2, 9,5 kW P1

Splitting power

30 t

Log length

max. 1250 mm


max. 9 cm/s

Fast cylinder forward

max. 21 cm/s

Transport dimensions (W x L x H)

2990 x 1850 x 1660 mm

Dimensions (W x H x L)

4050 x 1590 x 2050 mm


1064 kg (2345 lb)


  • 2 Hydraulic pumps and one dedicated hydraulic system for splitter ram operation
  • No reduction of ram (splitting) speed in case of concurrent operation of different controls
  • Hydraulic timber lift
  • Stepless adjustable stroke length
  • Hydraulic wedge lift included in price, 4 way wedge
  • Large extension table at splitter outlet for clean sticks collection, whilst the next log can be loaded on the splitter carriage ready for the next cycle.
  • Extra-large hydraulic oil tank (approx. 60 l = 13.2 gal)