Vertical Log Splitter USP 22 HZ/2

THe USP 22 HZ/2 with a splitting power of 22 tons and PTO shaft is a premium model from SÜMA BGU-Maschines.
Category: SKU: 94743/2

Additional information


PTO shaft


Tractor power requirement: 20 kW / 27 PS

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Abmessungen (B x H x T)

1300 x 2700 x 1300 mm


445 kg (981 lb)


  • Two-stage control valve for increased ram forward speed (fast splitting cycle)
  • Stainless brass pads allow smooth sliding of the wedge
  • Mechanical two-hands control
  • Fully retractable ram for road transportation and storage purposes
  • Solid steel frame with inbuilt hydraulic oil tank
  • Advanced technology with cast iron pumps – Reduced noise for PTO variants
  • Standard Universal hitching to any kind of tractor Cat. I or II
  • Log fenders in price